Erin feels passionate about the power to heal and transform through ceremony.  Healing rituals have been used and held sacred by most cultures around the world throughout time.  In our modern life, we have forgotten how to honor and mark the major, influential experiences that shape our most deep and precious Self.  If these important times of our life go unmarked in a sacred and  meaningful way, a monumental opportunity for both growth and healing is lost.  Often we remain "stuck" in an area of our lives or develop chronic health challenges when these transitions are not honored.

Erin draws inspiration and guidance from many spiritual traditions and uses her clients' beliefs and life experience as a compass in leading her to create simple, yet powerful experiences for people going through Transitions.

She has had the honor to study with and learn from Sobonfu Some’, a visionary from Burkina Faso, Therese Charvet, owner of Sacred Groves Retreat Center, Carrie Kenner, owner of Big Belly Services, Joanna Macy, Buddhist eco-philosopher,  Bill Plotkin, depth psychologist, and Char Sundust, modern medicine woman. 

Erin weaves the knowledge and wisdom she has received from wise elders with her innate gift to create and perform rituals and ceremonies, resulting in experiences that have potential for deep and meaningful healing and transformation.

You and Erin will  co-create the type of ritual that would best suit your needs and belief system.  Your ritual may be facilitated by Erin, shared with a group of close friends or family, or may be created and then experienced alone in a private space sacred to you.