I love being a student of life, a student of the Earth and to use every person and experience I encounter as an opportunity to learn. I will admit to being an “old soul” however, and have an innate ability to drop into deep, healing presence with people I am working with. I am passionate about creating a space for individuals and groups to do the healing work they are ready for and to facilitate this journey on whatever level feels appropriate for each person I work with. I have come here to be the best version of myself, to be in service and to guide others. It is work that I am honored to do.

I received my B.S. in Environmental Science and have always been fascinated by environmental health and human health. I see the two being inextricably connected. In 2002, after the sudden loss of my father, my journey took a spiritual turn inward and I questioned my career path. I remembered telling people I wanted to help “catch” babies when I was a child. It was then I became a certified Birth Doula. In 2007 I graduated from the Brian Utting School of Massage, which is known to have one of the most comprehensive and thorough massage therapy programs in the country. In my bodywork sessions and my work serving women in the childbearing years, I combine this in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology with a deep reverence for the emotional and spiritual health of each person I work with. I weave together specific, deep, technical skills with a nurturing and compassionate fluidity.In bodywork sessions, I provide a unique and holistic experience for my clients, combining deep tissue, Swedish massage with acupressure, breath awareness, guided relaxation, stretching, yoga postures, wellness counseling and take-home exercises.  I am especially passionate about helping people who are experiencing chronic or acute discomfort, recovering from injuries and surgeries and those who are going through transitions or challenging times in their lives.

In 2012, I traveled to Belize to complete a multi-year study of traditional Maya Abdominal Therapy with Dr. Rosita Arvigo.  During this study I also began studying traditional pelvic steaming, or yoni steams, and the postpartum tradition, Closing of the Bones. I love to offer these therapies which are extremely effective in treating many digestive and female reproductive ailments as well as supporting emotional and spiritual health.


I am deeply passionate about the state of our planet and humanity. I see the epidemic of anxiety, depression, apathy and angst all deeply intertwined with what we are holding as a species right now, especially as women. As my journey unfolds, I see this as my mission more and more; to offer women space for self care, ceremony, witnessing and empowerment so we can be the strong, wise, healthy empowered leaders and mothers this world needs so much right now.

When my mom died of breast cancer in 2015 my daughter was 3 months old, and a seed was planted to spread health in a bigger way to the world, in my mom’s honor and in honor of all the mothers leaving too soon. In 2017, the seed blossomed and I partnered with the global health and wellness company PrimeMyBody which I believe has the potential to have a massive impact on humanity’s health through their innovative hemp products. I am currently building a large international network of health care practitioners and caring humans to help spread healing across the globe while raising funds to help protect the earth.

I have lived on Orcas Island since 2004 and am in love with the simple, yet dynamic island community. I love sharing the land I call home with seekers and visionaries from all over who come here to retreat and find refuge for some time. When I’m not doing bodywork or facilitating healing; I spend time in nature, growing food and learning from the earth with my husband, daughter and the many people who land in our world for some time.  I love getting into the wilderness, making herbal medicines, celebrating life with friends, practicing yoga, dancing, singing, and traveling.

Perhaps our paths will cross. Regardless, I hope you find peace and purpose in your days.

Erin’s intuition is miraculous. Her ability to tune into your body’s needs and stresses, physically and energetically, is therapeutic in ways that no other massage therapist I have seen previously has come close to. To call what she does “massage’ is too limiting; it is simply and profoundly “healing”. She is a healer.
— Ryan Strunk, Social Worker & psychologist, Seattle, WA