Closing of the Bones or Cerrada Ceremony


Traditional healing for the body & spirit after birth, this ritual has best results as a series of treatments, but just one can be hugely beneficial.  

After childbirth, our physical body is changed—hips and feet widen, organs displace, breasts swell—and our psyche is also altered by the rite of passage we have undergone mentally and emotionally to conceive, carry and birth our child. The Closing of the Bones is meant to acknowledge the immense changes a woman has undergone in pregnancy and childbirth and assist in bringing her spirit back into her own body. Physically, it guides bones back into place, helps the uterus shrink back down, and stimulates blood flow. Emotionally, it provides a sense of calm and grounding, and reestablishes a sense of self.

Closing of the Bones is still widely practiced in Latin American and Asian countries, and is typically performed multiple times within the first 40 days after birth, starting just a few days after birth.  

The ceremony begins with an herbal bath. The woman is kept warm and brought to her bed where she is given an invigorating yet nurturing full-body massage. Finally, she is wrapped gently by a long cloth at the calves, thighs, torso, shoulders, and cranium. The amount of time this process takes varies depending on the individual, but it is typically about 2 hours. Once complete, the mother is left to lie quietly and integrate the treatment.

The Closing of the Bones can be beneficial for any postpartum mama—whether you had your baby yesterday or 30 years ago—who is looking to find more peace within. It is truly a powerful healing tool that I hope many more mamas begin seeking out to assist in their healing journey after birth.

2 hrs
1st Treatment $200
each additional postpartum treatment $175
Doula Clients $150